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When To Consider Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are a common condition that affects the legs. The main symptom is small red or purple lines that seem to “spider” out from the skin surface. These are often found on the thigh and calf areas, but can also be found behind the knee or ankle. Although they often look like they are […]

The concept of varicose disease and medicine.

Springtime with Tulips, Not Spiders

During our toasty Midwest summers, shorts and skirts are the clothing of choice, not to mention swimsuits. But no one wants to show off their legs when they have little purple and blue squiggly lines coursing about on their skin. Spider veins. Ugh. Now that we’re watching the tulips and daffodils poking through the formerly […]

Spider Vein Treatment Swansea IL

November’s A Great Time to Go After Those Spiders

Halloween’s over and you may have put the usual creepy spiders adorning most area porches out of your mind. But November’s a great time to take care of some other spiders, as in those coursing about on your legs. Spider veins. Ugh. Those purple, red, and blue clusters of web-like veins just under the surface […]

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