Poison Ivy / Poison Sumac / Poison OAK

Dr. Steve Musick and his team of highly trained dermatology providers treat all forms of skin conditions in Swansea, IL and the surrounding St. Louis area. At Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa, we can treat your reaction to poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak.


All three of these conditions are an extremely uncomfortable allergic skin condition caused by skin contact with coming from plants that produce an oil called urushiol. When you touch any of these plants, you skin creates an inflammatory reaction, causing redness, itching, rashes and even blisters.

Remove and wash your clothing then carefully wash your skin immediately upon contact with this plant to prevent the spreading of the allergic reaction to the plant product urushiol.

You will usually notice the inflammatory reaction within 1-2 days after direct exposure, and the discomfort may last up to 21 days.

When you schedule your visit, Dr. Musick or one of his personally trained dermatology providers will properly diagnose your condition to determine the severity of your condition of poison ivy.


Dr. Steve Musick can treat your condition with an oral antihistamine, over the counter or prescription cortisone cream, and in some severe cases, Dr. Musick will prescribe an oral steroid such as prednisone or a shot called Kenalog. Our goal is to relieve your discomfort as quickly as possible.

Dr. Steve Musick is a Board-Certified Dermatologist by The American Board of Dermatology and treats all types of skin conditions in the Swansea, IL and St. Louis metropolitan area. There are numerous treatments that Dr. Musick and his team can perform, and it is best to make an appointment for proper evaluation of any skin condition to rule out any possibility of skin cancer.

To make an appointment, call Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa in Swansea, IL today at 618-628-2588. We accept most health insurance programs.

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