Do you feel uncomfortable by the tenderness or discomfort of a skin lesion called a boil? These blemishes can be treated with simple non-surgical treatments. Dr. Steve Musick, and his team of highly skilled dermatology professionals are here to help you.


Boils are infections localized to the skin that appear as inflamed, tender, red bumps. In time, the boils become hard or tight and increasingly uncomfortable. The boil becomes filled with the body’s natural infection-fighting white blood cells to help reduce the infection. This is known as pus. When the pus comes to the center and forms a head, it is usually easier to treat.

Boils can appear anywhere on the body, and may also start from an ingrown hair. Boils can also appear due to a foreign object entering and lodging under the skin such as a splinter. They may also appear as a stye on the eyelid.

Do not share washcloths, clothing or any personal items if boils appear on your body and come in contact with any of these items. Wash pillowcases and bedsheets frequently.


Do not attempt to treat your boil by squeezing or draining it yourself. This can lead to the spread of the infection. You may be able to treat the boil by placing hot compresses directly over the boil several times a day, however, be careful to place pressure with a warm washcloth without puncturing the boil.

Always keep your hands clean when touching or treating the boil to prevent the spread of infection. If you are fortunate enough for the boil to open up, make sure to keep it covered with a bandage.

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