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How is Bellafill® Different From Other Filler?

The collagen plus synthetic gel in Bellafill treatments are designed to add volume, and smooth facial wrinkles, and treat acne scars. Bellafill is the only FDA approved filler for acne scars on the market.  Patients like you have seen an immediate correction with lasting improvement five years or longer.

But don’t just take our word for it-

Click the link provided below to check out patient testimonies on This website is a medical aesthetic platform where patients can leave information and reviews about services, products and procedures that they have received. RealSelf has created an honest and candid culture among it’s users with the goal of helping others in the community make informed decisions when choosing treatment providers and services that are right for them.

Our Bellafill® Patients Before & After

Bellafill Before & After Photos | Musick Dermatology, LLC

View more Bellafill before and after photos. 

Are Filler Treatments Covered By Insurance?

No, insurance does not cover fillers, as they are considered cosmetic treatments. We are proud to offer financing plans to our patients. Please let our team know if this is something that would be of interest to you. You may also apply ahead of your appointment by using the  link below.

Is Bellafill Right For Me?

Bellafill offers a low maintenance solution, with an immediate result. It lasts years longer than any other product on the market currently. During your consultation we will discuss your areas of concerns and develop your treatment plan together.

Who Will Be Performing My Treatment, And How Long Will It Take?

At Musick Dermatology, we’re proud to have a team of excellent injectors on our staff. Whether you see Dr. Steven Musick, Angela Nauman-Musick, APRN or any of our other certified professionals, you’re in great hands with our team! We have years of experience and have treated thousands of patients just like you, helping them look younger and more refreshed. Furthermore, we want you to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside!

Schedule a Consultation

We provide a complimentary consultation, and all your questions will be addressed. If you’re comfortable moving forward with the treatment, you may even be able to get your treatment the same day as your consultation. When you call to schedule your consultation we can give you an estimated length of appointment time to expect based upon your specific circumstances.

Are you ready to book your complimentary consultation with Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa and start your journey towards a younger-looking you? Contact our office today or schedule your appointment by phone at (618) 628-2588!

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