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Do you feel uncomfortable by the unsightly appearance of a skin condition called moles? Dr. Steve Musick, and his team of highly skilled dermatology professionals are here to help you. We offer SRT: Superficial RadiationTherapy, something no other practice in our area offers. We treat all ages of patients in the Swansea, IL and metropolitan St. Louis area.


Moles are usually brown, pink or black growths than may appear anywhere on the body. It is extremely important that any suspicious mole or lesion be checked by a Board-Certified Dermatologist to rule out any other serious skin disorder or even a malignant skin cancer. Moles can appear in different sizes and different shapes. Moles can be flat, raised, and can appear individually or in a patch. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, it is not uncommon for you to have 10-40 moles throughout your skin.

It is extremely important to have body checks on a routine basis to ensure that any mole that increases in size, color or shape is not overlooked as a potential for melanoma. This is by far the most serious dermatologic condition, and if not treated early, can be life threatening.


Congenital Nevi

These types of moles usually present at birth or early in childhood.

Common Moles

These are usually smaller than a pencil eraser, oval in shape, and evenly colored.

Dysplastic Nevi

This type of mole may appear anywhere on the body but often appears where you are exposed to the sun, most commonly on the back. They may also appear on the breast and scalp with minimal to no sun exposure. Many people who have dysplastic nevi are subject to an increased number of other common moles, and those people with more than 5 dysplastic nevi are more subject to melanoma.

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When you schedule your annual skin check, Dr. Musick will offer to perform a total body skin exam. If moles are observed, Dr. Musick may suggest that the moles be removed via a simple in-office procedure. This mole should be sent to a qualified lab for proper diagnosis and assurance that the mole is non-cancerous.

Dr. Steve Musick is a Board-Certified Dermatologist by The American Board of Dermatology and treats all types of skin conditions in the Swansea, IL and St. Louis metropolitan area. There are numerous treatments that Dr. Musick & Advanced Clinical Spa and his team can perform, and it is best to make an appointment for proper evaluation of any skin condition to rule out any possibility of skin cancer.


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