HydraFacial in Swansea, IL

What is HydraFacial?

The multi-faceted process of cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing thoroughly invigorates your skin so you look fresh for that special event or for daily life.

So what is Perk? It’s a 10-minute treatment that has no downtime. Basically, it uses patented roller-flex technology to remove dead cells and impurities through suction to open up pores and deliver antioxidant treatments. It’s super simple and you leave with that same vial to use at home for extended treatment, which means you keep your results for longer!! Ask for your Perk when you schedule your next Hydrafacial!!

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HydraFacial MD® At Work

A HydraFacial skin-boosting treatment is conducted with a special handheld instrument that contains four different applicator tips to rid the epidermis of dead and damaged cells and prepare it for infusion. Skin care solutions are carefully selected to address each person’s concerns. These solutions may include chemical exfoliants, hydrating serums, peptides, and antioxidants.

Who Is A Good Candidate for HydraFacial®?

One of the advantages of the HydraFacial is that this treatment has been developed to be safe for all skin types and tones. Even people with sensitive skin, aging concerns, or acne can undergo treatment. Some of the concerns that can be treated with the HydraFacial include:

  • Rough texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brown spots and sun damage
  • Mottled or dull skin tone
  • Loss of firmness and elasticity
  • Enlarged pores
  • Oily, congested skin

Benefits of HydraFacial®

Skin that is hydrated is radiant and healthy. Dehydration leads to skin irritation and also accelerates cosmetic aging. HydraFacial treatments cleanse and prepare the skin to receive the nourishing ingredients it needs to glow from the inside out.

HydraFacial treatment is completely non-invasive, so patients do not have to arrange for downtime or prepare for peeling. No harsh chemicals are used during treatment, only mild solutions such as the ingredients used in the lightest chemical peels. The skin is also treated with the utmost gentleness during exfoliation; no abrasive surfaces are rubbed against the epidermis. The combination of proprietary ingredients and vortex suction makes the HydraFacial a comfortable and effective technique for revealing healthy new skin cells.

What is the HydraFacial® Procedure?

The HydraFacial process involves distinct steps to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin for lasting beauty.

  • Cleansing – Treatment begins with a brief cleansing facial, which is followed by VortexFusion exfoliating. This step softens the skin and loosens and removes debris from the epidermis using a chemical exfoliant and gentle vacuum.
  • Deep Exfoliation – The treatment tip is changed to exfoliate more deeply using a stronger chemical solution in combination with manual exfoliation. By joining forces, the chemical peel and manual debridement of dead cells accomplish more with less time, less tingling, and less literal peeling than a conventional peel.
  • Extractions – A specialized chemical solution is applied to the skin to soften sebum while a new applicator tip gently pulls oil and debris from the pores. Simultaneously, the device infuses the skin with specific extracts to calm, soothe, and hydrate.
  • Nourishment –Once the skin has been cleansed of debris, oil, and dead cellular matter, it is ready for an infusion of antioxidants and other nourishing ingredients. Serums are selected based on unique needs and may include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, and extracts.

Specific “boosters” can be added to any HydraFacial treatment to correct concerns ranging from the signs of aging to skin discoloration to acne. Your provider will customize your HydraFacial to meet your dermatologic and cosmetic needs.

How Long Does a HydraFacial MD® Treatment Take?

HydraFacial MD® is a medical-grade treatment conducted in as little as 30 minutes.

What Skin Issues Can a HydraFacial Treat?

Hydrafacial treatments are a relaxing way to remove debris from pores while gently exfoliating and resurfacing to reveal a new, glowing layer of skin! The Hydrafacial will also saturate and nourish the skin’s surface with antioxidants, peptides, and moisturizers. Your skin will look refreshed, as this customizable treatment stimulates cell growth and collagen reproduction.

If you suffer from any of the following, a Hydrafacial treatment may be for you:

  • Large and clogged pores
  • Blackheads
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage spots
  • Uneven skin color
  • Acne
  • Dry or sensitive skin

Is a HydraFacial Painful?

The treatment is relaxing, painless, and gentle with zero downtime.

The Results Of Hydrafacial Treatment

Patients who undergo HydraFacial treatment can expect to notice more radiant, vibrant skin after their first session. The results of a single treatment last approximately one week. The skin’s smooth and radiant appearance can be prolonged with good home care such as daily cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen use.

HydraFacial treatment is gentle enough to add to your long-term skincare routine. This cleansing and the nourishing process can be repeated as often as monthly for continued improvements such as pore refinement and the reduction of brown spots and sun damage.

Are Hydrafacial Sessions Covered by Insurance?

No, Hydrafacial treatments are not covered by health insurance. However, our team can provide information to you about our financing options.

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Read Our Patient Reviews

"Went in for my very first hydro facial. It was amazing!! Mandi was my esthetician and she took the time beforehand, during, and after my treatment to explain all the steps of the hyrdro facial and it's benefits. I felt so refreshed afterwards and immediately booked another appointment."

- Bridgett Jacquot

"My consultation was a great visit and today i returned for a hydrafacial. Aspen was informative and sent me home with a care package. I now have a fresh face for Thanksgiving. Thank you."

- Anita Zbinden

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