What Skin Cancer Treatment Is Right For You?

What is SRT?

  • Musick Dermatology is proud to offer Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (IG-SRT), which is called SRT for short. SRT can deliver precise doses of radiation into the skin by effectively targeting tissue only within approximately 3 millimeters of the skin’s surface.
  • SRT is an alternative to invasive surgery, such as the MOHS Surgery, to destroy non-melanoma Skin Cancers and keloids with a 99.3% cure rate !!
  • SRT uses low energies and doses of radiation to treat Squamous Cell Cancer and Basal Cell Cancer just below the skin surface.
  • Due to the low energies (kilovoltage), skin reactions are typically mild and very small.
  • Traditional radiation is the opposite, in which it delivers massive amounts of energy (megavoltage) that penetrate deep into the body which can cause more skin reactions.

Candidates of SRT

  • SRT is a great option for those who DO NOT WANT SURGERY, or are poor candidates for surgery due to health reasons.
  • SRT is an impressive option for patients with Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCCs) and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (SCCs).
  • SRT is an excellent choice for those who want to stay active and have no downtime.
  • SRT has great potential for treating patients whose cancer exists in areas that are difficult to access for surgical removal.

Why Choose SRT?

SRT offers a wide range of benefits versus traditional skin cancer treatments:

  • One of which SRT has the same cure rate (99.3%) as Mohs Surgery
  • Secondly, No surgery, means no cutting which eliminates the risk of infections or complications following surgical interventions, as well as the need for anesthesia, stitches, scars, downtime, or painful recovery.
  • Finally, an incredibly effective treatment option, in the hands of a board certified Radiation Therapist, and board certified Medical Doctor.
  • Great for areas that do not heal well


IG-SRT Timeline

Here’s a step-by-step overview of what to expect.


A biopsy is performed on a suspected skin cancer in clinic with a Schaberg Dermatology provider.

Biopsy Results

Our staff contacts you with the results of your biopsy, identifying a skin cancer. At this point, there are typically 2 primary types of treatments: IG-SRT vs surgery (Mohs, excision). We can run a VOB while you consider your options.

Verification of Benefits (VOB)

While you are considering your options or if you decide to do IG-SRT, we will perform a VOB to identify the likely cost of this procedure based on your specific health insurance.


Once the VOB is completed, we will contact you with the estimated cost of the full procedure and arrange for any payment plans. Once you decide to go through with IG-SRT, we will schedule your sim.

Simulation (Sim)

The sim appointment is the most important part. Here, we will have you sign consent forms and discuss expectations. Photos, ultrasound images, and treatment parameters are discussed with a provider, who will then identify and mark the area of treatment. You’re ready to begin!


Unless our Radiation Therapist is out, you will be treated by the same one at each visit. At each visit, we will evaluate for poor skin reactions, determine your progress with an ultrasound, and provide treatment. Every 5 treatment visits, a provider will come in to review your case to ensure you are well on your way to being cured.


After your last treatment visit, you will follow-up in six weeks for re-evaluation. At this point, we will repeat an ultrasound to ensure resolution of the skin cancer. In rare cases, a booster may be required.


Boosters are additional treatment doses given over a few visits. Although fairly uncommon, the follow-up ultrasound may demonstrate a possible persisting skin cancer, which would warrant boosters.

Treatment, Follow up and Results


  • SRT Treatments generally take about 10-15 minutes, after the first visit (simulation) which can take up to 45 minutes.
  • The number of SRT Treatments can vary, averaging 3 treatments a week, for about 7 weeks to complete therapy.


  • 1 Month following the last treatment the patient will come in to the SRT room for a final ultrasound.  This depth measurements will be highly decreased when compared to the simulation day.
  • Dr. Musick will see the patient for a skin check of the treatment area and to answer any patient questions.
  • Even though treatments are complete, radiation will continue working for up to four weeks after the patient’s last day.  


  • SRT offers 99.3% cure rate of BCC and SCC.
  • If the patient experiences a reoccurrence in the same area,  they may not be treated with radiation again.

two small before and after photos of someone's nose after SRT skin cancer treatment, surrounded by text explaining the photograph with details on the procedure

What Our Patients Have to Say

“My husband had skin cancer treatments and Jo Lynn was awesome. I went for a botox consult, Angela was very patient and funny. I was immediately at ease. I had the procedure, already seeing results. If you are looking for a great, friendly, knowledgeable dermatologist, please give Musick a call. Everyone is concerned about your well-being.”

– JLB 1/2021

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