What to Expect: The Process of Leg Vein Treatment Explained


Deciding to get treatment for your leg veins can seem daunting at first. “What will it be like?” you wonder. “Will it hurt?” This step-by-step guide to the process aims to answer all your questions so you’ll know just what to expect if you decide to take the plunge.

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial vein treatment consultation, come prepared with a list of any medications you take, as some may need to be stopped prior to treatment. Wear shorts so the doctor can examine your legs. They’ll assess the severity of your veins, recommend treatment options, and answer any questions. Most importantly, this visit allows you to meet the doctor, check their credentials, and make sure you feel comfortable with them. If you don’t click, keep looking!

The Day Of

On the big day, avoid lotion or oils on your legs, or the treatments may not adhere properly. Some offices provide gowns, though loose-fitting shorts or pants work too. You’ll lie on an exam table while the doctor cleanses and numbs the treatment areas. Though uncommon, let them know if you start feeling any pinching, stinging, or major discomfort. Some pressure or heat is normal, but serious pain is not. Just speak up!

During the Procedure

Once sufficiently numb, the doctor will insert a tiny needle into the problem vein and inject it with a solution. It hurts about as much as having blood drawn. You’ll remain awake as they massage the solution through additional areas of the vein. This seals it off, stopping blood flow through the vein. The vein will eventually get reabsorbed into your body. The entire process takes 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the extent of veins treated.

Recovery and Results

Immediately after treatment, the doctor wraps your legs with compression bandages to minimize bruising. Keep your legs elevated as much as possible for 1 to 3 days.

Bruising is common and takes 7 to 21 days to resolve fully. Avoid high-impact exercise during this time. At your follow-up visit a few weeks later, the doctor examines your legs and addresses any lingering concerns about bruises or response to treatment. Most are thrilled with 80% to 90% clearance after just one session. Lasting improvement takes 2 to 3 months as your body redirects blood flow to healthier veins.

Treat Your Veins

You don’t have to live with veins that make you self-conscious. There are treatment options available. Call the friendly staff at Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa at 618-628-2588 to schedule your vein treatment consultation today. Or, if you’re more comfortable, contact us through our online form.

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