PRP for Hair Loss: A Natural Solution for Thinning Hair

PRP for hair loss

Hair thinning and hair loss may have a significant psychological effect on people. The most typical feelings are those of frustration, embarrassment, and self-consciousness. Today, there is no reason to continue living with this concern. A new, minimally-invasive procedure has come into the hands of trained cosmetic specialists: PRP for hair loss.

What Is PRP?

“PRP” stands for platelet-rich plasma. Human blood is made up mostly of plasma, as it is the liquid portion of the blood that transports nutrients, water, enzymes, salt, proteins, and other substances the body needs.

As a result of its significance, healthcare providers have long since used PRP in injury recovery and cosmetic rejuvenation. Platelets contain substances that improve the health of hair follicles under the skin, making them an exceptional solution to treating the loss of hair.

How Does PRP Work for Hair Loss?

The goal of using PRP for hair loss is to revitalize dormant hair follicles so that new hair may develop. The procedure begins with drawing a small volume of blood (between 15 and 60 mL) from your arm, continuing with a centrifuge machine to extract the platelet-rich plasma from the blood, and culminating in either a PRP-infused microneedling treatment or a direct injection into the scalp.

By facilitating blood flow to the hair follicle, PRP for hair loss has been shown to promote healthy hair growth and maintain it over time.

How Long Do the Results Last?

PRP treatments often provide long-term benefits, with new hair growth lasting for roughly 18 to 24 months. The best results from PRP hair treatment typically come from a series of four to six sessions with annual or additional maintenance treatments as necessary.

Where to Find PRP for Hair Loss in Swansea, IL

Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa offers a comprehensive selection of medical and cosmetic services provided by a highly trained and thoroughly credentialed staff to provide patients with the best care possible. If you’re looking to uncover the full benefits of PRP for hair loss in Swansea, IL, come in for a consultation today.

For the most effective cosmetic treatments and procedures combined with the highest level of patient service and care, schedule an appointment with Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa by calling (618) 628-2588.

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