Don’t Be a Spotted Leopard

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Medical Services Swansea IL Leopards are cool. So are jaguars. So are cheetahs.

But these famed big cats all have one thing that us biped types don’t want — spots.

Problem is when we have our 50th birthday, complete with the black-frosted birthday cake and obligatory gag gifts of adult diapers, we also often get the gift of…spots.

Seborrheic keratoses are what theses spots are called. We’ve been harping on them for the last few months on Dr. Musick’s blog because no one likes these darn spots, and because we have a new way to deal with them called Eskata.

How are seborrheic keratoses different from actinic keratoses?

  • Seborrheic keratoses (SKs) are the most common noncancerous skin growths in older adults. Sometimes our Musick Dermatology patients assume the SKs are potentially precancerous actinic keratoses. SKs look as if they have been pasted onto the skin. They can be black, brown, yellow, or tan. They will be flat or slightly raised.
  • Actinic keratoses can be skin colored or red. They will show up as scaly patches of skin. They will occur in places that receive sun exposure. That is their cause.

While SKs won’t turn into skin cancer, actinic keratoses often will. That’s why it’s important to remove actinic keratoses before they progress. Dr. Musick removes them by freezing with liquid nitrogen, scraping with a curette, or using electrical current to burn them off.

Better way to remove seborrheic keratoses

Those methods used to be the same for removing SKs, but now we have a better way. It’s called Eskata. Eskata can only be applied by a doctor, such as Dr. Musick.

During your Eskata treatment, Dr. Musick applies the liquid Eskata solution with the applicator to each targeted SK lesion. Then he waits one minute, and makes a second application to the lesions. This application process is repeated a total of four times in the session. Then you’re done. Over the next couple of days the treated spots will scab over and then peel off. In three weeks you come back and see Dr. Musick again. If your SKs aren’t fully gone, he can perform another Eskata treatment. This will usually do the trick, or any remaining SKs are dramatically lessened in how visible they are.

Want to get rid or your spots? No offense, jaguars. Call Dr. Musick at (618) 628-2588 to make an appointment for Eskata.

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