Debunking Myths About BOTOX®

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young woman with red hair touching face -botox injections, botox BOTOX consists of a chemical solution (botulinum toxin) that dermatologists and plastic surgeons use to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. BOTOX is also administered to stave off the side effects of aging. However, there are many unfortunate myths about BOTOX and how it will affect your face. We debunk some of the most popular myths about BOTOX injections in our blog here.

Myth 1: Your Face Won’t Move.

The FDA-approved toxin in BOTOX stops the chemical signals that tell your facial muscles to contract from sending this message. The result is that your facial muscles relax; they do not stop moving. You can still laugh and smile after a BOTOX injection, but you won’t have to worry about the unwanted frown lines that come with doing so.

Myth 2: BOTOX Lasts Forever.

BOTOX is not permanent. You will need a new injection every three to six months to maintain your results.

Myth 3: BOTOX Is for Old People.

Yes, people as old as 65 can get BOTOX injections. However, people as young as 18 can get BOTOX as well. BOTOX is not an “old person” procedure. It is a useful procedure to stave off the appearance of wrinkles, so it is common for younger people who have yet to develop wrinkles to request BOTOX injections.

Myth 4: Only Women Get BOTOX

Men also get BOTOX injections. Men may want BOTOX for a variety of reasons, aside from the standard reduction or prevention of wrinkles. For example, men who sweat excessively may get BOTOX to resolve that issue. Furthermore, men may want BOTOX to treat their migraines.

Please note that women can also get BOTOX injections to treat excessive sweating and migraines.

Myth 5: BOTOX Only Treats Wrinkles.

As stated above, BOTOX is a viable remedy for people who suffer from overactive sweat glands (BOTOX can treat other body areas, such as your hands and neck) or migraines.

BOTOX Injections Near Swansea, IL

BOTOX injections are a well-established, trusted procedure. Thus, you should not be alarmed nor swayed by unfounded myths if you want BOTOX. To schedule a consultation for BOTOX at Musick Dermatology, LLC, call 618-628-2588 today.

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