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The nicest staff! They listen and make sure you get the result you are asking for. I just wanted lessening of my straw lines and frown lines and also the just woke up lip look and that is what I received. I am an easy bruiser, nothing they can do about that but they are so gentle and gave great advice to help hurry the healing of the bruises along! By day 4 they were much less visible and now on day 7 they are complete gone! I don’t have a before pic, because I always made sure I was smiling big to smooth out the wrinkles, now I don’t have too!

Stephanie Dintelmann

tony hull
Top-notch professional staff and so friendly!

Lisa Adams
Love Musick. The building is beautiful, and very clean. The staff is extremely kind, and professional. I have been a couple of times to treat leg veins- and the appointment went quick- and my legs are looking years younger at every visit. Def. Has given me more self confidence. If you have bothersome veins on your legs- I would highly recommend you treating them here.

Kylee Gallagher
This was the first time going to a dermatologist. The office staff at Musick Dermatology were friendly and efficient. The Physician Assistant, Jennifer Adams explained the procedure and then we chatted like best friends. I appreciated the knowledge and expertise and will definitely return.

Angie LeVora
excellent service...Nancy cox is the best!

Beth Lammert Luhr
The staff is courtesy and professional. Everyone is knowledgeable and caring. I always leave feeling better than I did before my appointment.

Mary Lou Pruett

Bill Deters
Medical visit. Incredibly pleasant experience! From check-in to check-out, every employee I dealt with was kind and happy. Dr. Misick was straightforward, respected my time, and was very caring. Good feeling place!

Marty Bausano

Walters Golf Management

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