Laser Skin Tightening
in Swansea, IL

If your skin doesn’t seem to be as tight as it once was, have no fear!

At Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa, our medical team, led by board-certified dermatologist Steven Musick, MD, can help you with your skin laxity. Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa, located in Swansea, IL and serving the St. Louis area, is proud to offer you years of medical and aesthetic experience.

We know that whether this is your first cosmetic treatment or you’re a seasoned veteran, a refreshed appearance is always important.

SkinTyte Treatment

SkinTyte LogoAt Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa, we offer our patients the SkinTyte treatment to help with reduced skin laxity.

Not only does the non-invasive treatment use safe infrared light energy to help tighten tissue but there is no downtime with the SkinTyte treatment. Additionally, we request that our patients come in for a customized complimentary consultation to obtain a treatment plan to help determine the number of treatments you will need, as every patient is different.

Who Will Be Performing My SkinTyte?

At Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa, we’re proud to have a team of excellent providers on our staff. Whether you see Dr. Steven Musick, Angela Nauman-Musick, APRN or any of our other certified professionals, you’re in great hands with our team! Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa has years of experience and has treated thousands of patients just like you, helping them look younger and more refreshed.

We want you to look the same on the outside as you feel on the inside! We provide a complimentary consultation, where all your questions will be addressed. If you’re comfortable moving forward with the treatment, you may even be able to get your SkinTyte treatment the same day as your consultation.

What Results Can I Expect From SkinTyte Treatment?

Although results do vary, at Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa we tell our patients they can expect to see results over several months time. Typically patients receive 5 SkinTyte treatments to an area.

No Cost Consultation

Our initial cosmetic consultations are complimentary. We look forward to discussing your cosmetic options with you!

Is SkinTyte Covered By Insurance?

No, insurance does not cover SkinTyte treatments to help with your skin laxity. However, we do offer multiple financing plans to our patients. Please let our team know if this is something that would be of interest to you!

Schedule a Consultation

Are you ready to book your complimentary consultation with Musick Dermatology & Advanced Clinical Spa and start your journey towards a younger-looking you? Contact us today or schedule your appointment by phone at 618-628-2588!

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