CO2RE Laser

What is CO2RE Laser?

CO2RE Laser Swansea, ILFractional lasers have advanced the art of cosmetic skin rejuvenation by leaps and bounds. Imagine having one system designed for numerous procedures that require excision, incision, ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing of soft tissue. It’s here. With the CO2RE system, you can precisely target and efficiently treat the skin with control. We are pleased to offer patients, through the use of our CO2RE laser, the opportunity to restore the youthful appearance of their skin.

The CO2RE laser system from Syneron and Candela is versatile, with several settings to meet particular needs. This laser enhances the overall regenerative effects in collagen- and elastin-producing cells.

Benefits Of CO2RE Laser?

The CO2RE system provides a total of six different treatment modes within its one platform, including four fractional ablative treatment modes, five pattern shapes, a traditional resurfacing mode, and an excision mode that includes defined shape and freehand modes for minor dermal excisions. The CO2RE system gives you the ability to treat both superficial and deep skin layers simultaneously with precision control over the intensity, pattern, and depth of ablation, with a single platform.

Being a fractional resurfacing technique, CO2RE achieves dramatic results without completely vaporizing the entire upper surface of the skin. Patients appreciate that they can dramatically improve the appearance of their skin with just one treatment. Behind-the-scenes, the effects of this laser treatment continue to stimulate tissue regeneration for several months. This means that the skin looks even smoother, brighter, and tighter months after treatment.

What Does CO2RE Laser Help Treat?

Fractional laser treatments stimulate rejuvenation at a cellular level. As such, CO2RE can help treat numerous concerns all at once. Some of the concerns this treatment can address include:

  • Photodamage caused by UV exposure
  • Freckles caused by the sun
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Textural irregularities
  • Dull complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Thinning skin due to collagen loss
  • Tissue laxity due to lack of elastin

CO2RE can be performed on the face, neck, and chest.

Watch Dr. Musick explain the CO2RE laser procedure while performing the treatment.
Watch Dr. Musick perform the treatment on the patient’s cheek.
Watch Dr. Musick perform the treatment on the patient’s eyelids.

How Do I know If CO2RE Treatments Are Right For Me?

Fractional laser resurfacing using the CO2RE platform provides outstanding results for adults of all ages. A large majority of patients who seek this treatment are aged 30 or older and concerned about the signs of aging and sun damage.

Due to the nature of laser resurfacing, CO2RE may not be recommended for skin of color. This is because the natural healing response after treatment in darker-skinned individuals includes hyperpigmentation, which could result in lasting, mottled skin coloring. Laser treatments are also not recommended for pregnant women or those who have recently completed a course of Accutane treatment for acne. Talk with your provider about your desired outcome from cosmetic treatment and how your personal health history may affect your goals. We are committed to identifying the most advantageous treatment for each of our patients.

How Does The CO2RE Laser Work?

Fractional laser resurfacing devices are named as such because they only treat a fraction of the skin’s surface area. CO2RE treatment emits ultra-fast pulses of light into pinpoint spots on the skin, where energy creates tiny channels in the uppermost layers of tissue. Where energy comes into contact with the epidermis, tissue is immediately vaporized. The thermal laser energy also permeates into the dermis, where rejuvenating fibroblast cells and existing collagen are heated. This heating results in prompt tightening of the collagen matrix and the ongoing production of healthy new collagen.

How Long Does A CO2RE Treatment Take?

Facial treatment using CO2RE typically takes about an hour. A topical anesthetic may be applied to the skin prior to beginning. A mild sedative may also be administered. The numbing medication needs approximately 30 minutes to reach full effect. Once the skin has been anesthetized, the laser treatment itself takes only a few minutes. The small handheld applicator is passed over the skin, never coming into contact with the surface. From this device, pinpoints of light create a grid-like pattern of microchannels on the skin. Thousands of these tiny injuries are made as the applicator moves across the treatment surface. Patients can expect to feel varying degrees of warmth throughout the treatment process.

CO2RE Skin Resurfacing Recovery

The microchannels in the skin are created by heat, which disperses into deeper layers of tissue as treatment progresses. After treatment, the most common sensation is a bad sunburn. The skin will be red and may also be slightly swollen. These side effects can decrease within 12 hours but may take up to 2 days for some people.

After treatment, most patients go home and rest for most of the day, especially if a sedative has been given for comfort. Medication may continue to be taken for comfort as needed depending on the depth of the laser ablation. Within a few days, patients come into the office for a post-treatment evaluation to ensure healing is progressing as expected.

For approximately one week after CO2RE treatment, patients will want to remain at home and out of the sun. No makeup should be worn for at least 7 days, and our post-treatment care instructions need to be strictly followed. We are available to answer any questions that arise during recovery. Once visible signs of treatment have faded, the skin may still appear slightly pink for up to 3 months. Because the outer layer is mostly made up of fresh, new skin cells after CO2RE, the surface will also be sensitive for a time.

How Long Will The CO2RE Results Last?

CO2RE treatment rejuvenates the skin from the inside out. Results occur and improve as collagen gets remodeled with strong new protein. The final effects of fractional laser resurfacing may be most apparent 6 to 9 months after treatment and can be expected to last many months or years. The skin will continue to age and be affected by overall health, lifestyle choices, stress, and sun exposure. Improvements achieved with laser treatment can last longer when these variables are well-managed.

How Many CO2RE Treatments Will I Need?

One of the aspects of CO2RE that patients appreciate is that results can be achieved with just one treatment. This is true even for those who have more advanced sun damage and tissue aging to correct.

CO2RE Laser VS. HALO Laser

CO2RE and HALO have both been praised for achieving excellent results. HALO is an erbium laser that can be customized to meet a patient’s unique needs, whereas CO2RE is a carbon dioxide laser. While the energy is similar, the CO2RE is geared to affect tissue at deeper levels for more profound effects in a single treatment.

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