Have You Tried Eskata Yet?


If you’re reading Dr. Musick’s blog, you probably have seen a couple previous blogs on his new treatment for seborrheic keratoses.


OK, you’re still wearing your hair to cover those brown spots on the side of your forehead and around your ear, aren’t you?

Come on, ESKATA is the coolest thing Illinois has seen since the Cubs finally broke the curse in 2016! ESKATA beats up on those seborrheic keratoses and makes them go the way of the 108-year curse. Dr. Musick offers ESKATA at his Swansea practice.

Seborrheic keratoses

Can we just call them SKs? SKs are spots that can be flat or slightly raised. They can match your skin color or be darker, and they have a velvety, shiny texture. If left to their own devices, SKs can become larger and they can have friends join them. They are most common on the face (at the hairline and the temples), neck, chest, and back.

SKs are not harmful. They just show up as we age. They aren’t cancerous and usually aren’t painful. But most of us view them as a “pain” when we see them.

ESKATA is the answer

In the past, we could excise or freeze or burn SKs, but those solutions often left a scar. Then along came a new topical solution called ESKATA. ESKATA is a proprietary solution that is applied topically to your SKs and it makes them fade into oblivion.

ESKATA is a prescription-strength product only available through dermatologists and doctors, like Dr. Musick. It contains 40% hydrogen peroxide solution that is applied directly to those ugly brown SKs.

When you come in to our offices for treatment, Dr. Musick first determines that your brown spot is, in fact, an SK. Then he takes the applicator and applies the ESKATA solution to your SK. He waits one minute and reapplies ESKATA. This process is repeated four times and your treatment is complete.

The SK will immediately show its distaste for Dr. Musick’s ESKATA, becoming lighter and looking dried out. This is the start of the end for the spot. It will scab over and then peel off. You’ll see Dr. Musick in about three weeks and he’ll check the spot. If your treated raised SK is not completely gone, he can repeat the treatment one more time. This is only sometimes necessary.

And your raised brown spot is gone, not unlike the Cubs’ curse.

Interested in ESKATA? Call us at (618) 628-2588 to schedule your appointment.

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