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Summer 2019 Newsletter

Treatment Spotlight Xeomin – What is it? Xeomin is an injectable neurotoxin, similar to Botox, that is used to treat the lines between the brows and crow’s feet. It can also be used to relax the masseter jaw muscles. 
Xeomin is the only clinically proven anti-wrinkle injection for men and women that is uniquely purified […]

Winter 2018 Newsletter

New Service Spotlights: Dermaplaning This is a form of manual exfoliation that helps remove fine vellus hair and accumulated dead skin cells on the face. By doing so, your skin is softer. It allows your SkinCeuticals products will penetrate the skin deeper and more effectively. It also allows makeup to go on more smoothly. First […]

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Fall 2018 A new season means new looks and trends for color in makeup and we have so many exciting tips for you! Classic browns have made a comeback as an option for creating the perfect pout. Not feeling something too deep or bold? That’s okay! Any shade from nude to tan to a taupe […]

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Finding a Fresh Look: Jane Iredale Our cosmetic summer focus for 2018 is based upon healthy, hydrated and protected skin. After applying SkinCeuticals SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen, try a purely mineral liquid or powder foundation by Jane Iredale in a coverage of your preference to promote and highlight healthy skin. We can mix a […]

Hello Spring!

Official newsletter Quarterly Newsletter Spring 2018 Spring Clean and Find a Fresh Look ! Now is a great time to take inventory of your cosmetics and replenish anything that is past its prime! Over time, makeup expires which causes separation, color changes and bacterial growth. How do we know what to keep and what to […]

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